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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How To Sew Padded Hangers

Sewing Project - Padded Hangers

Sewing Friends:

Are you busy sewing gifts for the holidays? Here is a quick and easy sewing project that you can make with fabric scraps and it is much appreciated. Make luxurious padded hangers.

I really like to use velvet padded hangers for my best clothes. They are so elegant and support the garments nicely. Try some!

There are a lot of links on how to make different styles and variations of padded hanger covers and padded hangers. I have listed a few for you.

In addition, I will give you instructions to make my favorite padded hanger. This is not just a cover, but a wooden hanger that is padded and covered.

If you sew something for someone, make a matching padded hanger for a really nice touch!

Here are some links to check out:

Padded Hanger Covers by Husqvarna Viking Education Director, Cathy Wilson

Elegant Padded Hanger

Padded Hangers

Luxe Hangers

Here Are Instructions On How To Sew My Favorite Padded Hanger:

Supplies Need to Make One Padded Hanger
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Thread
  • Wooden coat hanger
  • Poly fiberfill
  • Old pantyhose or knee highs
  • About 5/8 yard of ribbon 3/4 to 1 inch wide

Use fabric scraps left over from the garments that you make to sew a matching padded hanger. Try velvets, corduroy, cottons, double knits, prints, whatever you like. You can even mix and match fabrics.

  • Cut two pieces of fabric 3 inches wide by 9 inches long
  • Cut two pieces of fabric 3 inches wide by 12 inches long
  • Curve one end of all four pieces.
  • Cut 2 pieces of pantyhose about 4 inches square
  • Cut one piece of ribbon about 22 inches long
  • Cut two pieces of poly fiberfill 9 inches wide by 14 inches long
Construction of Padded Hanger Covers
  • About 1/4 inch from the edge, sew a gathering stitch around the 3 by 12 piece of fabric. This will be used for the top side of the padded hanger.
  • Pull the gathers up slightly.
  • Lay this piece to the 3 by 9 inch piece of fabric with the right sides together.
  • Adjust gathers to fit the 9 inch piece.
  • Pin in place to hold.
  • With the gathered side up, stitch a thread deeper than the gathering thread and join the two layers together.
  • Use short stitches to make this seam. This will cover half the hanger.
  • Repeat this procedure for the other half of the hanger.
  • Turn both cover sections right side out
Pad The Wooden Hanger
  • Wrap one piece of the fiberfill loosely around half of the hanger.
  • Turn about 1 inch of the end over itself
  • Place one of the squares of the pantyhose over one of the ends of the padded hanger.
Put The Cover On The Hanger
  • While holding the pantyhose on the padded hanger tightly, pull one of the outer hanger covers over the end of the hanger to the center with the gathers on the top of the hanger.
  • Repeat for the other half of the hanger.
  • With a needle and thread, hand stitch the two cut edges of the cover around the center of the hanger.
Suggestions to Cover The Hanger Hooks
  1. Sew a narrow bias tubing out of the fabric to cover the hook part of the hanger. Secure the bias tubing with a few hand stitches at both ends.
  2. Use aquarium tubing that you get in a pet shop and slide it over the hook. Cut off the excess.
  3. Or cover the hook with ribbon. First put a line of glue on the hook and wrap the ribbon around the hook.
Finish the Hanger
  • To finish the hanger, fold the 22 inches of ribbon in half.
  • This makes a loop of the ribbon. Place this large loop over the hook and let it hang down below the hanger.
  • Put the ends of the ribbon through this loop at the bottom.
  • Pull up and tie into a pretty bow at the center.
Hope you enjoy making padded hangers. They really are quick and easy to sew. Give padded hangers as gifts this holiday season.

It just makes sense!

To Your Sewing Success,

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Sewing Project - Padded Hangers

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Anonymous Elizabeth of Online Fabric Store said...

I enjoyed you tutorial. I like the tip about including a covered hanger with garments you make for someone. What a nice touch!

7:34 AM  

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