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Friday, September 28, 2007

How to Sew Obi Belts, Sashes and Scarves

Sewing Projects - Obi Belts, Sashes and Scarves

Sewing Friends:

If you are looking for quick and easy gifts to sew, this is it. Choose some pretty fabric and make wide fabric obi belts, sashes or scarves. They are very popular this year and can be quite pricey in high fashion boutiques.

Tie them around your waist or drape them around your neck or over your shoulder. Add some beads or fringe to the ends for even more pizazz.

Here is a review on the instructions on how to sew a four inch wide obi belt:

Fabric required: 1-1/4 yards

  • Cut 2 strips of bias fabric 9 inches wide x 50 inches long
  • Stitch together to create one long piece 100 inches long.
    Note: See How To Sew Bias Strips Together
  • Interface if desired
  • Fold strip in half lengthwise with right sides together.
  • Stitch 1/2 inch seam leaving about a 3 inch opening.
  • Press seam and turn right side out through the opening.
  • Fuse or handstitch the opening closed.
  • Press well
  • Follow the directions on the video, How To Tie A Wide Belt to learn how to tie it around your waist.
For more ideas, see the Home Sewing Association's instructions for a Beaded and Silk Fringed Scarf

See How to Sew A Magic Sash for a really fun spiral sash.

Enjoy this sewing project. Sew some odd and ends of fabrics together for an interesting scarf. Check out the remnant table for special deals on unique fabrics. Look at catalogs and in boutiques for ideas. With just a little fabric and very little time, you can sew a whole wardrobe of wide obi belts, sashes and scarves and save a ton of money, too.

It just makes sense!

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Sewing Projects - Obi Belts, Sashes and Scarves

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