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Friday, October 05, 2007

Sewing Video - Crushing Velvet

Sewing Video - Velvet

Sewing Friends:

I made a lot of velvet dresses for my daughter and granddaughters over the years. And, I made a lot of velvet skating costumes for my grandson and his ice dancing partner, too. Some velvets weren't very easy to work with, but the results were always rewarding.

Velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics to wear. It seems we often see more of it at holiday time. It is a bit tricky to sew and press, but if you know a few tips, you can achieve sewing success.

One of my favorite pressing tips is to use a small scrap of the fabric itself as a pressing cloth. I do this with all my nap fabrics. Lay the right sides together (nap to nap) with the grain going the same direction (especially on corduroy or you will get a checkerboard effect) and steam press.

When sewing stretch velvet skating costumes, I used 1/4 inch strips of Lite Steam-A-Seam on the seams to help keep them from shifting. It seemed to work pretty well. The seam allowances were only 1/4 inch and were pretty bulky seams so you may not want that on a more formal garment. My suggestion is to test on scrap fabric. You may find the fusible really does help to solve the velvet and other nap fabric shifting problem. If it works, use it.

Right now, I am very excited about this sewing video by Christine Jonson. She shows you how to crush rayon velvet into lovely designs using only your iron. I have seen other techniques to make crushed velvet, but I think I really like this one better.

Most of the time, when we sew velvet, we don't want the iron marks to show, but in this case, Christine shows us how we can turn those marks into a very desirable look. You will be amazed. You don't want to miss this sewing video on how to make crushed velvet.

Check out "Crushing Velvet" and turn what we once thought disastrous into something very lovely indeed.

I can't wait to try this technique. You can even do it on a ready-to-wear garment. If you have a velvet dress with a bad spot on it, here is the perfect solution to make it wearable once again.

Here is some sites that teach you more about working with velvet and making gorgeous velvet creations.

Burnout Velvet

For information on how to burnout velvet and other fabrics with Fiber-Etch, go here.

Sewing Velvet

Here are some sites with some sewing and pressing tips for velvet.

Velvet Sewing and Pressing Tips

The Art and Technique of Sewing Velvet

Tips For Sewing With Velvet

Crushed Velvet Tips

Enjoy the tips and techniques for sewing velvet fabrics. Hope this info helps you to create some beautiful velvet garments this holiday season.

Sew a velvet dress for that special little girl in your life. Or, sew a simple velvet top or skirt for yourself. Keep the garment seams to a minimum. Let the velvet make the fashion statement for you. You will look and feel so elegant!

It just makes sense!

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Sewing Video - Velvet

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