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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Ugliest Garment

Hi Sewing Friends:

Sorry, it's been so long.

After returning from vacation, I spent a few days in the hospital.

I've decided that the ugliest garment in the whole world has to be a hospital gown. I know they have to be unisex and one size fits all, but do they have to use such ugly fabric?

Even if you are healthy, when you put one of those things on, you look sick. Remove your make-up and you look really bad! When you look bad, you feel bad.

Men's shirt fabric can be really nice and can even be floral, or many other more interesting prints. Why can't the hospital gowns be made from some of these more cheerful, colorful prints? Why can't the kids gowns be made from cute kid prints? Who chooses these fabrics anyway?

Well, I'm off to don another one of those ugly garments to have a test done. If I had to spend much time in it, I think I would sew my own and bring them with me to the hospital.

That's a thought for those of you who have someone who has to wear hospital gowns for a long time. Sew some pretty prints to help cheer them up. The gowns are really very simple garments.

To Your Sewing Success,


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