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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sewing Tips - Sewing Capri Pants

Sewing Tips - Sewing Capri Pants

Hi Sewing Friends:

Many of you asked about how to sew Capri pants or shortening your long pants into Capris.

First of all, I highly recommend that if you haven't done so already, then you really need to get your fit in basic fitting pants. I help you do that in my Common Sense Fitting ebook. You really need to get started. Once you have the basic fit, then you can make any style of pants you want. Long, short, wide or narrow. . .just get the waist to crotch fit and then you can change the basic pants into any design that suits your fancy.

If you have pants either that you custom made or ready-to-wear that you want to make into Capri pants, then I recommend that you fold up the hem on one leg of the long pants to just below the widest part of your calf.

Check out this length in a mirror. Usually, it is more flattering to end the pants where your leg tapers down than to end the pants at the widest part of your calf. Aim for the smaller part of your leg so you will look taller and thinner. Try it and see the difference!

Whenever you find your special spot on one leg where the length looks good on you, while you are still wearing the pants, measure up from the floor to get the same length on the other leg.

Now, why did I NOT tell you to take the same amount off both legs?

Well, if you are like me and have one hip higher and one leg longer than the other one, and you take off the same amount on both legs, when you wear your pants, the hems aren't even because you aren't even.

So, if you measure up from the floor on both legs the same amount, your pants will look even.

Now, measure a 1-1/2 inch hem allowance, cut off the excess leg and hem your new Capri pants or cut off the excess and add some trim to the bottom or beads or lace or whatever you like. You are the designer. Copy ready-to-wear. Have fun!

When you get smarter after using my brand new Common Sense Fitting Method, you will learn how to make the changes for a higher hip at the top of the pants where it should be done. In the meantime, use this method and recycle some of your long pants into Capris that look really cool.

It just makes sense!

To Your Sewing Success,


PS: Hope you can use this sewing tip. Please leave a comment here.
PPS: I'll be out of town for a little vacation and may not be able to blog. See you when I return.

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Sewing Tips - Sewing Capri Pants


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