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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sewing Tip - How To Sew Bias Strips Together The Easy Way

Sewing Tip

Hi Sewing Friends:

One of my beginner sewing students really struggled with sewing angled bias strips together. She could never sew the angles so that the strip came out even. It always had a jog in it.

Maybe you have the same sewing problem. Well, you won't anymore! Here is the common sense solution for sewing bias strips with pointed ends. It just makes sense!

Easy Method For Sewing Bias Strips Together


When you cut bias strips for binding, do NOT cut the ends at an angle like you normally would and try to sew them together. Instead, after you cut your binding, cut the ends square.

Get Ready To Sew - Layout

Lay one of the strips right side up. Now, making a right angle with the strips, lay the second strip wrong side up with the 2 right sides of the fabric overlapping together only at the corner of the strips.

Now the two strips should form a square corner shape.

Sew The Bias Strips Together

You will sew these two strips together in this way.

Do NOT stitch from the inside corner to the outside corner.

Do stitch diagonally across the corner as if you were going to cut the corner off.
Tip: Lay a ruler across the corner and draw a line to use as a guide so you can sew straight.


Press the funny (dog-ear) corner seam allowances open.


Trim the corner seam allowances to 1/4 inch.


Can you believe that! It is perfect. No more guessing. No more jogs in your bias binding.

For most people, squares are easier to sew across than trying to join two angles.

It just makes sense!

Hope you enjoy this sewing tip.

To Your Sewing Success,


Sewing Tip

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Blogger Soledad said...

Thank you for this simple explanation. I have struggled with trying to join those pieces when the ends are still diagonal. I end up ripping out and redoing countless seams. I just joined 12 strips together with your method in no time, and they came out great!

12:12 PM  

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