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Friday, April 20, 2007

Have Fun Learning How To Sew On A Button

Sewing Tips

Sewing Friends:

Everyone should at least know how to sew on a button . . . even the guys should learn these basic sewing skills!

Watch these videos and read my sewing tips and you will be sew successful sewing on buttons.
Learning to sew is not the "chore" it once was considered to be. Nowadays, it is all about having fun and celebrating your creative spirit. Enjoy discovering your new skills.

Watch this video to learn how to sew a button on a shirt.

For a more serious version of how to sew a button on a jacket, see this video

These videos cover the basics of sewing on a button, however I would add a few sewing tips to make your sewing project even better.

Here are my sewing tips for sewing on buttons:

1. To thread a needle, put the end of the thread that came off the spool first into the eye of the needle. This helps keep the thread from tangling.

2. Run your sewing thread through beeswax and press it with a warm iron to melt the wax into the thread. This strengthens your thread and also helps to keep it from tangling. You can find sewing beeswax in the notions department.

3. Make a quilter's knot at the end of the thread. Here are some good instructions to learn how to make a quilter's knot.
  • Thread a needle.
  • Hold the needle horizontally with your left thumb and index finger (assuming you are right-handed) with the point towards your right hand. The thread should just dangle down.
  • Pick up the end of the thread with your right hand and grip it with your left thumb together with the needle. You should now have a loop of thread hanging from your left hand.
  • With your right hand, grab the thread near the end (where you are holding it) and wrap it around the needle from the base to the point about three times.
  • Add the wrapped thread to your left thumb/index finger grip.
  • Hold on to the needle with your right hand while you let your left hand slide the wrapped thread off the needle to the left and continue down the length of the thread and form a knot at the end.
  • Tug at the thread end to secure the knot.

4. Try using dental floss or fine fishing line to sew on your metal buttons. Metal buttons sometimes cut through the thread in time and have a habit of falling off easily. Dental floss and fishing line hold up better for these buttons. You can use a permanent marker to color the dental floss if you like.

5. When sewing a button on a jacket, to help create the thread shank, instead of trying to hold the button out from the fabric while you are sewing, try this tip.

Place a toothpick on top of the button and take your stitches over the toothpick. After you finish stitching through the holes, remove the toothpick.

Now, wind your needle and thread around the threads under the button to create a good thread shank and secure your knot.

Here's to no more missing buttons or tangled threads. It just makes sense to sew those buttons and save that favorite garment!

Buttons are not only functional, but can be decorative as well. Now that you know how to sew on a button, have fun decorating your sewing projects with buttons.

Be sure and check your sewing manual to learn how to sew on a button by machine. It is quick and easy! It just makes sense!

To Your Sewing Success,


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Anonymous HowToMe said...

This is a super post! I'm going to mention it on my sewing tips section. The videos tip are excellent and fun. Thanks!

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