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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sewing Tips For Pinning and Hand Sewing A Hem

Sewing Tip:

Pinning A Hem

I've already shared this sewing tip with my "Sewing Success Newsletter" ladies, but I thought I would post it here as well.

My college granddaughter recently came for a short visit. She said I should share the sewing tip I gave her with all of you.

I guess I never thought about this much until I noticed while she was hand hemming a garment she brought with her that she was frustrated because her sewing thread kept getting caught on the pins that she had to hold the hem up. I told her there was a solution to her problem.

Press the hem up and place the pins on the outside of the garment hem, not on the inside. Then, when you hand stitch the hem, your sewing thread doesn't get hung up on the pins. Hand sewing goes a lot faster this way, too. It just makes sense!

One more tip: Place the pins perpindicular to the hem going with the grain not across it. Put the heads of the pins toward the top of the hem with the tips of the pins pointing toward the fold of the hem. Pins don't fall out as easily this way and pins are easy to remove as you stitch.

She said, "Why didn't I think of that?" So, now you know if you didn't think of that either! So, now, I posted this sewing tip on my blog in case someone else didn't think of that.

Got another tip about how to take the stitch to help avoid"dimples" in the hem, but I will post it on another blog entry.

Go here to learn How To Hand Sew A Hem Without Dimples . It just makes sense!

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Sewing Tip: Pinning A Hem

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Blogger Linda said...

Thanks for the tip on hemming - I have been hemming pants for 40 years and this really simplifies it. Linda V, Manitowaning Canada

1:06 PM  

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