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Sunday, February 18, 2007

How To Sew Permanent Creases in Your Pant Legs

Hi Sewing Friends:

Do you like your pants to look neat and well pressed but hate to have to iron them all the time?

Would you love to have creases that never come out of your pants even after you wash and dry them in the dryer?

Sew permanent creases in your pant legs.

These creases will hold forever and make you look taller and slimmer with the vertical lines dividing your figure.

You can add permanent creases to ready-to-wear pants or to pants that you sew yourself. It is easy to do.

Here is how to sew permanent creases in your pants.

1. Press Creases In Pant Legs

Press creases in the front and back legs of each section of your pants as soon as they are cut out before you even begin to put the pants together.

  • Press front creases up to the bottom of the front waist dart.
  • Press back creases up to the crotch level.

2. Set Up Your Sewing Machine

  • Remove the sewing needle in your sewing machine.
  • Insert a double machine needle.
  • Place sewing thread that matches your pants on the sewing machine.
  • Fill two bobbins.
  • Put one on the bottom in the bobbin case as usual and put the other one on top of the machine and use it to thread one of the needles.
  • Use the thread from the spool to go through the other needle.
  • Set the stitch length to 12 stitches to an inch.
  • Slightly tighten the upper thread tension.

3. Sew The Creases In The Pant Legs

  • Open up a pant section so it lays flat with the right side of the fabric up on the bed of the sewing machine. You will sew through this single layer of fabric.
  • Center the pressed crease between the two needles.
  • Stitch straight down the pant leg the length of the crease. You are actually sewing a tiny pin tuck to create the permanent crease.
  • Press the stitched crease fold again. (If the thread matches the fabric, the stitches will be almost invisible.)
  • At the top of the stitched crease, pull the threads to the wrong side of the fabric and tie them into a secure knot.
  • Repeat this procedure for all four pant sections.

4. Continue to sew your pants

  • Press up the hem of your pants in each section to set the hem crease at the bottom. This makes it easy to turn the hem up when the leg is in a circle.
  • Turn the hem back down.
  • Now, continue to sew and complete your pants as you normally would.
  • After you finish hemming your pants, give them a final press.

5. Enjoy the compliments!

Your friends will wonder how you keep your creases so sharp and neat. They may even ask if you lost weight because you look taller and slimmer.

It just makes sense!

To Your Sewing Success,


Sew Permanent Creases In Your Pant Legs

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