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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sewing A Formal Tuxedo Vest

Sewing Friends:

My son needs a new formal vest to go with his tuxedo. I thought I would surprise him and give him a vest as a Christmas gift. He is 6'4" tall and needs extra long length. He is also about 220 lbs., so he is a big guy.

My husband and I went all over town looking and came back empty handed. No one carried extra long vests. I even checked online, but what little I found was not acceptable in color or quality. I was frustrated and exhausted.

So, today, I went to my sewing room, rumaged through my stash and found some fabric that I used for some of my grandson's skating vests when he was ice dancing competively. I found a perfect blue with sort of a burnished silver swirl. This will look great with his red hair! O boy, I found another piece of coordinating fabric, a solid gun metal metallic. Great! Now, I could make the vest reversible.

I even had an old sewing pattern from the 60's that I used to make my husband a vest back then. They really haven't changed over the years. If I make it a little longer than Dad's, that should do it. I dug around some more and found enough button molds to cover. I was all set.

Don't you just love finding these treasures? I have everything I need right here and it is FREE . . .well, sort of.

Once I got started, I didn't want to stop. I was excited to see my creation! The vest is together and is ready for the buttons and button holes. I love it! Hope my son likes it.

I have to stop for the day. My back is aching and it's time to get dinner ready. Tomorrow is another day. I will finish the buttons and button holes by applying some of the sewing tips I shared with you in other articles.

The sewing technique that I used to sew the reversible vest is the turned one that I published in an article in April, 2006. If you want to see how to sew a reversible vest, go here:

Find out how to sew some reversible vests for your loved ones, young and old, male and female. Vests are fun and easy sewing projects. You can sew them out of almost anything. Use some of your embroidery or special stitches on them. You are the designer. Have fun!

To Your Sewing Success,


PS: Just a thought for those of you sewing formals for weddings or proms. How about sewing vests for the guys to match the girls dresses? That would be a nice gift for them.

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