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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sewing Tips - Fitting Skirts Using Common Sense

Sewing Tips

Hi Sewing Friends:

Skirts are perhaps the easiest garments to fit. A straight skirt almost tells you what you need to do to make the skirt fit correctly. If the skirt doesn't fit well, figure problems definitely show.

I encourage my students to begin their fitting projects with learning how to fit a skirt. If you get your skirt to fit correctly, it really helps to build upon that fit - UP for the bodice and DOWN for pants. Think about that!

To begin your skirt fitting project, start with a classic straight skirt. All the seams on these skirts must hang perfectly plumb or perpendicular to the floor. The hemline must be level or parallel to the floor. Then, you have a beautifully fitted skirt.

It always seemed dumb to me to measure up from the floor to make your skirt hemline level. It still hangs crooked if your body is crooked. Why? Because your skirt hangs from your waist! If your waist line isn't level, the skirt will never hang straight on your body unless you make the waist crooked to match your waist line. Doesn't that make sense?

Think about a pregnant woman for a minute. When she has a big belly, her skirt hikes up in the front and the skirt has diagonal pull lines pointing to her tummy. You can measure from the floor all day long, and the skirt will still have the diagonal pull lines and a hiked up look. The problem is at her waist line, not the hem line. Deal with the problem where it is!

Fit should be incorporated into the sewing pattern before you cut out your skirt. But, you ask, how do I know where I need to alter, how much I need to alter and how do I do the alterations?

It's in the book! My ebook, that is. I give you specific step-by-step instructions on how to determine what your unique body needs to get your fit and I even tell you exactly how to alter your sewing pattern. See my new "Common Sense Fitting Method For Hard To Fit Sewing Folks Who Want Great Fitting Skirts And Pants". It just makes sense!

You aren't sure you have a problem? Try on a straight skirt that you have in your closet. Here are some tips to help you analyze it.

Do you have. . .

  • A high hip? A high hip makes a hemline shorter on the high side of the body.
  • A "pot" tummy or large abdomen? A large abdomen makes the hemline stand away from the legs at the center-front.
  • A flat seat? A flat seat makes a hemline touch the legs in the back and the side seams will swing toward the front.
  • A large waist? A large waist looks even larger if the waistband is too tight.
  • How about rounded buttocks, or sway-back or large thighs?
When you identify your specific fitting problems, you can discover the fitting solutions. When the fitting solutions are applied to the skirt sewing pattern, the skirt fabric lies smoothly on grain on the body.

With my "Common Sense Fitting Method", you can determine exactly how much your body differs from the sewing pattern. You never have to guess or do the trial and error method again. It isn't necessary when you absolutely know what you need, exactly how much you need and where you need it. Believe me!

Good fit improves your figure tremendously. You will look thinner, more fashionable, and feel more comfortable, too.

Of course, when you cut out your skirt, the fabric must be on grain. You must also lay out your sewing pattern on grain. No cheating! Your skirt will not hang correctly if you cut it off grain. Be careful and always respect grain. You really can't fight it. Grain wins every time. It's like that tee shirt that comes out of the wash with the twisted seam. That garment was cut off grain. You don't want that!

Always preshrink and straighten your fabric before you cut out your garment. It saves a lot of frustration and potential problems later.

Skirts are always in fashion. Good fitting skirts will conceal figure problems. No matter what size or age you are, it seems everyone needs to make some sort of fitting alteration to their skirt sewing pattern so that it fits their body correctly.

And the extra bonus is that when you get your good fit in a skirt, you are half way to getting your pants fit. Both skirts and pants fit the same from the waist line to the hip line. Wouldn't you love to have great fitting pants, too?

It's all in the book. You get two for one. Discover how to fit skirts and pants and enjoy comfortable, good fitting pants and skirts forever!

I just makes sense!

To Your Sewing And Fitting Success,


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Sewing Tips

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