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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sewing Tips: Sew An Apron To Give As A Gift

Sewing Tips Sewing Aprons

Hi Sewing Friends:

Do you ever wonder what to give someone who invites you to dinner? Well, you might stitch up an apron, especially if they are really into cooking. Or, maybe you would like one for yourself.

Holidays are especially nice times to give the host/hostess cook an apron as a gift. And, they are back in style for both male and female cooks these days!

An apron is a simple sewing project that you can sew in a short time. There are so many ideas out there.

Why not use some of your vintage tablecloths or pillowcases or old hankies to make a unique apron for your favorite cook. Years ago, hankie aprons were very popular.

You don't really need a sewing pattern. You can make a half-apron very easily. It doesn't have to have a bib to be a nice apron that someone will truly appreciate.

You can embroider a monogram or favorite hobby design on them or use a holiday themed fabric to make it even more simple. You can add different style pockets if you like.

Kids love them, too. They are great cover-ups for those messy craft projects, too.

Design your own or look for sewing patterns, but keep it simple. If you want more apron ideas or how to's, let me know. Sewing aprons is a lot of fun.

My Mom and I made an awful lot of aprons when I was a kid and I sold them door to door when my Dad was on strike from the coal mines in Pennsylvania. It was a source of income to us.

I remember a lot about aprons. I still like them. They bring back a lot of fond memories for me and serve a useful purpose besides allowing someone who sews a really cool creative outlet.

Have fun sewing aprons. It just makes sense!

To Your Sewing Success,

Sewing Tips Sewing Aprons

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