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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Maternity Clothes Do Not Need To Make You Look Like A Tent On Legs

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Keep some of these thoughts and suggestions in mind when making maternity clothes for yourself or your family. Everyone always wants to look their best. Look around at ready-to-wear for ideas. Invest your sewing time in some classic mix and match basics and buy the rest.

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Maternity Clothes Do Not Need To Make You Look Like A Tent On Legs

by: K Snow


The most inconvenient thing during pregnancy is the process of modifying your dresses to your ever increasing stomach and or choosing what to wear that will not make you look like a tent.

Today you don’t need to wear your husband's clothes to hide your belly. The only thing that it will do is make you look dowdy and uncouth.

Neither do you have to wear dresses made as if there was only one standard model called pregnant and nothing else.

Today the options for pregnant women to choose from are humungous.

The clothing takes into consideration that there are some women who like to show off their bump and then there are some modest conservative ones who would rather hide it than flaunt it.

Companies that have launched maternity ranges have conducted research prior to developing the entire range to ensure that it includes options for those who carry their weight high or low.

Specially designed clothes enable you to emphasize the more flattering parts of our body while reducing the focus on the belly. Care is also taken to provide support to the increasing weight of the breasts.

These aspects can only be kept in mind by trained designers and so do not resort to wearing overalls with no cut which have been recommended to you by your grandmother. Rather, be the modern mom of today and dress nattily even when you are supporting a huge stomach.

We can today bid a permanent goodbye to boring white, black and beige tent houses and skirts that fall sloppily and look at the bright colored options that these companies provide. Colors which match the mood of the expecting mother like orange, red, turquoise are definitely more apt and suitable.

Other than alternatives in color you can also take your pick from among skirts, tops, trousers, track pants and long flowing gowns which will mesmerize you at first site.

Never has shopping for clothes during pregnancy been more interesting and amusing. These days the tables have turned a complete 180 degrees, wherein the choice is so much that it gets confusing.

This at times even gets annoying because though you would like to pick up the swankiest of options available, you are aware that they can last you only for a very short period of time. Even if you do not lose enough weight to get back to your original size, you are definitely not going to have that huge belly forever.

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