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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pant Legs - How To Make Them Wider or More Narrow


Hi Sewing Friends:

Boy, there has been a lot going on lately. Just couldn't get to posting here. Don't have enough hours in a day!

So many questions. But, I will get to each and every one.

Here is one that many of you have.

"How do I make my pant legs wider or more narrow?"

Hope this helps.

To Your Sewing and Fitting Success,



Pant Legs - How To Make Them Wider Or More Narrow

- by Marian Lewis

©2006 Marian Lewis - All Rights Reserved

1st Step To Sewing Success


"How do I make my pants legs wider or more narrow?"

This is not a fitting problem, it is a design change. You can do it!

The rule to remember is to add or subtract equal amounts on the out seam and the in seam to keep the pant leg balanced.

If the pants are ready-to-wear, you really can't make them wider, but you can make them more narrow. Take in equal amounts on the in seam and the out seam of the pant legs and taper out to the hip line on the out seam and to the knee line on the in seam.

That leads to another question: "How Do I Find My Knee Line?"

To find your knee line, fold the pant leg hem line up to the crotch line. This half way mark is considered your knee line.

If you know how to sew, you can change your pants pattern anyway you want. You are the designer. You can have wide or narrow legs, bell bottoms, short, long, mid length, flares, etc.

Make several copies of your master pants pattern that you know already fits you. Then change the copies to different designs that you like so they are always ready to cut and sew.

When you want more wide or more narrow pant legs, redraw the seam line from hip to hem line on the outside seam and from the knee to the hem line on the in seam.

Add or subtract equal amounts to all the seams from the hems and taper up into the existing seam line.

This is how you maintain the balance of the pant leg and keep the grain line in the center of the leg. It prevents your leg from twisting.

The key is to get a good basic pants pattern that fits your unique body. Then, have fun creating different pant styles from your basic sewing pattern.

You can change the pant leg width and length, change to different waistline finishes, add design features like pockets, pleats, slits, etc. You can duplicate anything you see in ready-to-wear and you know that the pants will fit without even trying them on until you are finished because you used your basic master pattern. What a joy to sew pants that you know will fit you!

It just makes sense!

Work out your fit with a common sense pants fitting method for pants and skirts. You will be glad you did. It will save you so much fitting frustration and guarantee sewing success.


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Blogger No, not that one said...

Thank you so much-I'm sorry I've never thanked you before! I was sulking about my too wide had the solution.

I really appreciate the easy to understand suggestion and methods.

Best to you...

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see it mentioned that if you make coulottes or flared pants, you will need to make curved hems, which need a different method of sewing to finish. Trickier than most pants.

11:41 AM  

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