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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Perfect Princess Tea Party


Annette Yen has written an ebook on, "I Love Princess Parties". You should really check this out. It is a delightful way to entertain the little girls in your life.

Jody Roberts, from Florida said:

"This book takes the brainwork out of the planning for your Princess party. It's Organized & Outlined with Step-by-Step information. It's like a birthday party manual for busy moms of girls!"

Personally, I can't think of a more fun party for a little girl than this. What a treasured memory for all.

These are the things that your little girl will remember, not what you bought her, but what you did for her like these special events that make her feel so very special. Isn't this better than going to a fast-food place for a party?

Here is an article Annette wrote giving you 7 simple steps for a Perfect Princess Tea Party as a sample.

To Your Success,

The Perfect Princess Tea Party - 7 simple steps

By: Annette Yen

Can you think of anything more feminine, more lovely, more "girly" than a group of young girls... all dressed in their princess finery sitting down to a decked out tea table with royal dainties?

Girls across the globe love dress up and love why not combine the two and make the perfect event for your girls!

Here are 7 easy steps toward making the perfect memory for your little princess:

1. Set a date: Keep in mind the ages of your little ones and set the time when they won't be too tired, too hungry or too cranky! The "official" teatime is late afternoon, but that doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful teatime in the morning as well.

2. Invite: The fun begins. Being a princess requires invitations of the most royal kind. Lovely linen paper is easy to find at your local craft or office supply store. Run it through your home printer with a fancy font and you're done. Send the invitations out about 2-3 weeks before your tea so your guests can plan accordingly.

3. Decorate: Let your princess help with this part...after all, it is HER event. Royal colors include purple, gold, pink and silver and aren't those the favorites of girls anyway? Balloons, streamers and more balloons! We'll talk about the tea table in a minute.

4. Make the food: Traditional tea fare includes scones and clotted cream. Other royal tea treats are chocolate covered strawberries, thumbprint cookies, cucumber sandwiches (or substitute the ever popular PB&J sandwich for younger ones) and miniature teacakes.

5. Set the table: Go all out here. Use a lovely tablecloth, cloth napkins and real teacups not plastic. Not only will this be fun for your little ones, but it'll be a great lesson in etiquette as well as they learn to put on their finest manners for your tea.

6. Plan some games: Great princess games abound but keep it simple. Hide some gold-foiled covered coins around the house and have a hunt to return the royal treasure. Use a lovely glass bowl as the treasure chest. Spread your gold and silver balloons all over the "ballroom" floor and play classical music for a royal ball with much dancing.

7. Enjoy the day: Most of all make it fun. Take many pictures and record the memories. Your little princess will go to bed that night smiling from ear to ear with the joy of the day!

Article by: Annette Yen

Do you want to throw an affordable princess party that the neighbors will talk about for years to come? Click here to find out how.

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