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Monday, July 09, 2007

Sewing Videos - Learn More About How To Sew

Sewing Videos

Hi Sewing Friends:

There are more and more sewing videos available every day. Some are pretty good, others aren't. Some include free sewing projects, how to's, sewing tips and techniques. Others share general sewing information that is good to know.

Remember that there really is no right or wrong way to do anything. If you achieve the results you want, then whatever technique you used is right for you. You are the designer!

My one granddaughter always preferred to sew her projects with her seams exposed, frayed edges showing and sometimes wore her garments inside out. She was ahead of her time. Then, it was not the thing to do. Now, you find garments like that in pricey boutiques and in every fashion store around town. I never thought I'd see raveled edged dresses in Saks Fifth Avenue, but they are there sporting a hefty price tag!

I prefer to use my classic, common sense sewing and fitting techniques in my sewing courses , articles and blog posts because they just make sense and work the best for me. You have a choice. Try different methods and techniques and see what works best for you.

Here is a list of sewing videos available at that you might like to check out:

Sewing Tutorial: Stitching Zig Zag Patterns

Great Sewing Notions: Sew With Buttons & Zippers

Everything You Need To Know About Sewing With A Serger

How To Make Your Own Decorative Pillow

Making Decorative Pillows and Patterns: Tips and Techniques

How To Thread & Use a Sewing Machine: Free Videos

Supplies & Materials for Sewing: What You Need to Start To Sew

How To Sew: Patterns & Basics

How To Make Homemade Makeup Bags

Making a Personalized Vintage Kitchen Apron

Cloth & Fabric Tutorial: Velvet, Linen, Tweed, Oh My!

How To Sew A Quilted, Handmade Christmas Stocking For The Holiday Season

That should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy watching these free sewing videos. It's great that they are available to us. I hope that you will pick up a sewing tip or two even if it's what NOT to do. Perhaps you'll realize how much you already know.

In case you missed the sewing videos I posted on my Sewing Project Tips Sewing Blog, you can go here for more information:

Sewing Videos Help To Teach You How To Sew

Sewing Video: How To Sew An Easy Flat Fly Front Zipper

If you have a favorite sewing video, please share it with us. I would love to add it to our growing sewing video library.

It just makes sense!

To Your Sewing Success,


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Sewing Videos

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