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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sew Bouquets of Cabbage Roses


- by Marian Lewis

©2005 Marian Lewis – All Rights Reserved

First Step To Sewing Success


Cabbage Roses Are Blooming Everywhere! Sew Some Up Fast And Easy!

Have you noticed all the fabric flowers adorning garments these days?

They are everywhere on everything.

Fabric flowers can be very expensive to buy.

But, you can make your own with just some scraps of fabric and a little time.

Here is a simple technique to make cabbage roses in minutes.

I like two sizes of roses. The smaller one requires bias cut fabric 3" wide x 15" long.

The larger rose is 5" wide x 27" long.

Try a sample of each to see what you like. Of course, you can make them any width or length. Experiment. Remember that the weight of the fabric makes a difference.

Just know that the length and width of the piece of true bias fabric needed depends on the size that you want the rose to be when finished.

Fold the width in half with the right sides out and wrong sides together. Do not press.

Make tiny slits along the raw edges of the double bias fabric. This will prevent the bias from curling when you stitch and wrap it into a rose.

A side note: This is a good trick to know to keep bias from twisting in other areas of your sewing.

Either machine or hand baste 1/4" from the raw edges matching slits on the edges as you sew.

Pull the baste stitching to gather up the fabric slightly.

Tuck in one of the raw edge ends. That will be the center of the rose.

Now, roll or wrap the gathered fabric around itself loosely.

When it is all wrapped, pull the other end down under the rose to hide it and tuck it in. Pin in place.

With a single thread run through beeswax, take hand stitches back and forth across the bottom of the rose to hold all the layers together nicely and secure the loose end.

On the outside, turn the folded edges back a little to look like a flower.

NOTE: The more you gather the thread, the flatter the flower. Looser gathers make the flower stand up more. You have to experiment with the gathers to get the look you want.

Remember, no pressing required.

Now you want to make your rose look finished on the back.

Press some fusible interfacing to a scrap of matching rose fabric. Draw a circle about the size of the bottom of the base of your flower.

Cut out the circle. The interfacing will keep it from fraying.

Hand stitch the circle to the bottom of your rose to cover all the raw edges.

You can attach a pin back to the bottom or sew the rose directly to your garment. I prefer a pin back so I can easily remove the rose and use it for other garments, hats, scarves, etc.

I've seen these roses embellishing a wedding gown that was absolutely stunning.

You might even try making some roses from men's old neckties. Necktie fabric is already cut bias.

Save the interfacing from the ties to make new ties.

To keep your roses looking fresh and to keep from being crushed, put small roses in Leggs hosiery plastic eggs.

For larger roses, make a ring out of cardboard from an old file folder or cereal box. Place it around the rose and tape it to the right size for the rose.

Use your roses on your lapel, in your hair, to hold a scarf, decorate a hat, embellish any garment or on a special gift instead of a bow.

How about some cabbage roses on decorative pillows or your evening bags or put them on your curtain tie-backs.

I've even seen them on a ribbon wrapped around some towels in the bathroom!

Use your imagination! You are the designer!

They are quick to make as gifts.

Sew bouquets of fun!

It just makes sense!


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