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Friday, October 07, 2005

First Step To Sewing Success Launched

Well Hallelujah! I finally gave birth to my first website. I have to say that it was harder for me to do than giving birth to my children. That came naturally. Birthing a website certainly did not! I'm just not a technical person. I'm just a FL grandmother who wants to share her passion with the world.

Of course, I had to do this thing myself. I'm too strong willed to admit that I couldn't. And so, I struggled long and hard. And, I keep making mistakes and I keep learning! My grandchildren kept me going feeding me the same encouraging words that I always say to them when they feel overwhelmed with something.

"You can do anything!" Phil:4:13

And so, is out there for the world to see. Hopefully, someone will find some information there to help them either in their sewing, fitting or whatever else I feel compelled to write about.

I've taught sewing all my life it seems. Because I am a hard-to-fit senior with a lopsided body, I was driven to develop my own fitting method to help me determine what the heck I really needed to get a good fit, especially in pants.

A tape measure only told me how many cookies I ate. That wasn't exactly what I needed to know. And so, using plain old common sense, I created my method and now, I want to share it with all misfits everywhere because it works!

I also have a number of common sense sewing techniques that I will share. They are easy and will help give your garments a more professional look. I'm a little slow in getting these together, but they will come as I graduate from this techie stuff, hopefully.

I'm not here to compete with anyone or to bash anyone's methods. They all have their place. My hope is to enhance your sewing by what I offer. I hope you try it and like it. I will not be offering a complete sewing or fitting course. There are plenty of those around.

That said, it is really hard to tell what you might find here. I hope to answer some of your questions, if I can.

It is time for me to share. I want to try to do it this way. It just makes sense!

Visit my site and let me know what you think!

It is time to take that 1st Step To Sewing And Fitting Success

It just makes sense!

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