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Friday, March 03, 2006

Sewing With Fusible Thread

Hi Sewing Friends:

Just a quick note to remind you about the virtues of sewing with fusible thread.

If you haven't used it yet, you really need to do that.

If you are using it, how about sharing your ideas with us? Add them here.

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Sewing With Fusible Thread

- by Marian Lewis

©2006 Marian Lewis - All Rights Reserved

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Here are a few tips and ideas when sewing with fusible thread.

Fill a bobbin (slowly) or use it in your lower looper to simplify multiple tasks. Fusible thread creates a temporary bond to hold things in place while you complete the permanent stitching. It should not be used alone to make permanent seams.

For perfect bias binding, use fusible thread in the bobbin. Use a zigzag stitch to join the binding to the garment or quilt. Fold the bias over the edge. Press the edge (do not iron) lightly to enclose it and fuse in place. Now, you can stitch-in-the-ditch or well of the seam to make perfect binding every time.

Install centered zippers easily. Stitch down both sides of the back of the zipper tape with fusible thread in the bobbin. Center the zipper over the basted closed zipper seam allowances. Press in place. Now you can topstitch the zipper without any shifting. Remove the basted stitches to open the seam and zip your zipper.

Fusible thread is ideal when you want to match plaids or a design. With fusible thread on the top of the machine, straight stitch on the right side of the fabric 1/2" from the edge on one side of the seam. Fold this seam over on the 5/8" stitching line. Line up this edge with the 5/8" seam line on the other seam matching the plaid or design. Press and fuse in place. Now, stitch the seam as normal knowing that the design is matched and is held in place.

Use fusible thread when working with fake suede or difficult fabrics to keep them in place when stitching.

Use fusible thread to outline your appliques and fuse in place prior to satin stitching.

Try using it in the lower looper of your serger with a decorative thread in the upper loopers to serge around picture frame placemats.

Lay a length of fusible thread in the crease of your pants or in a pleat to help hold the crease. Cut a length of thread longer than you actually need. It shrinks up when it melts. Press, do not iron, to fuse the thread in the crease.

For a quick and easy turned hem, serge the edge of the fabric with fusible thread in the lower looper. Turn the hem and lightly press to hold. Then, complete your final stitching.

There are many uses for this thread. Try using it for basting and trapunto techniques, too.

It just makes sense!


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