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Friday, January 27, 2006

Try It! You Might Like It!

Hi Sewing Friends:

I just had to share my latest accomplishment. For me, it is a "big deal"!

I can't believe it! I've got audio on my website and I did it myself!

Who says you can't teach an "old dog" new tricks?

You have to go to my website at: and check it out.
Now, you can hear me give my "spiel". I hope it makes me seem more real to you.

My granddaughter says she is proud of me! Now, how cool is that!

This "stuff" is truly amazing! I urge all of you grannies and grandpas to get on the internet and check it out.

You have no interest, you say?

Well, I'm telling you that you don't know what you are missing.

Don't be afraid of your computer. It is just a machine. Were you hesitant to use your microwave when you first got one? Or, were you slow getting into all of those other new fangled gadgets that have been invented in our generation and now we can't live without?

Get a computer and get clicking. Take a class on how to use it.

Then, check out what is available on-line for you whether it is genealogy or cooking or playing cards or crafting. Did you know that sewing lowers your blood pressure? That's better than medicine! Make a quilt or sew some pants! You'll feel good!

There are some great on-line courses for all sorts of things that you can take. You are never too old to learn. There are a lot of things out there no matter what your interest.

Challenge your mind and keep those brain cells active. Start an on-line business, like me! Share what you know and love with the world! We need to pass our knowledge on.

Have a good time playing or satisfying your soul. Keep in touch with friends and loved onesl, especially those grandchildren.

Whatever it is, just do it! It isn't that hard and you will feel really proud of yourself.

Before you know it, your family will be calling you "Gammy Geek" or "Nana Nerd", too! That's a term of endearment coming from the kids.

I just heard of one lady, 94 years old, who loves to play bridge on-line with her internet friends, plus she is taking an on-line sewing class. She says she like to keep up and look "fashionable." That's awesome! She says she loves her computer and never feels lonely anymore! There is hope for all of us!

To Your Success,


PS: Now, I know that if you don't ever go near a computer, you probably won't see this. I'm hoping that someone who cares about you will see it and get it to you somehow. Anyway, have a great day! God loves you! He gives us life! Let's live it to the fullest! Remember Phil:4:13


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