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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sewing Tips - Buttons and Bows for Kids

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Hi Sewing Friends:

Here is a novel idea on how to sew and create your own decorative buttons and bows on kids' clothes.

Sewing for kids is a lot of fun. It is a great way to try new ideas and sewing techniques, too. If you don't have your own special child to sew for, then sew things for kids and give them to charity. It is still a gift of love and the kids really appreciate something made just for them.

Try the buttons and bows for kids. It really is cute and the kids love it!

Please share your ideas and comments with us.

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Sewing Tips - Buttons and Bows for Kids

- by Marian Lewis

©2006 Marian Lewis - All Rights Reserved

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Bows are really popular on kids garments, but they don't hold up well in the laundry. So, here is an idea to sew some easy detachable bows.

This idea grew into a delightful sewing project that involved the kids, too. Kids have great imaginations and a lot of really good creative ideas on what they want to wear.

I call these Velcro Button Bows/Flowers/Appliques. The kids call them "Stick-em Buttons". They think these buttons are really "cool". They love to change the "tops" of the buttons.

Here is how to sew "Stick-em Buttons."

Sew the buttons at the shoulders of jumpers or overalls, on pockets or randomly scattered on jeans, tee shirts, skirts or other garments. The buttons can be functional or purely decorative.

Use up those old buttons in your button box. Paint the rim of the button with nail polish or craft paints if you like. The large, flat buttons are perfect for this sewing project. Buttons about 7/8 inch or larger work well.

First, sew a button onto the garment. Use double thread. Run it through beeswax and press it to melt the wax into the thread. This strengthens the thread and keeps it from tangling.

After sewing on the button, apply a drop of clear nail polish or Fray Check to the button threads to keep them secure.

Prepare the Velcro

Using a coin, draw a circle the size of the button onto some Velcro or use sticky Velcro circles. If the button has a rim, draw the Velcro circle to fit inside the button rim.

Glue the soft side of a Velcro circle to the top of the button that you stitched to the garment.

Next, sew some bows, ribbon flowers or small appliques or use pom poms, etc. For boys, use small appliques of their favorite animals, cars, toys, etc.

Fuse, glue or sew the hook side of a Velcro circle to the underside of the bow/flower/applique, etc.

Button the button and stick the bow, etc. to the top of the button.

Make several different kinds of bows in different colors or whatever you like to have a selection of things to attach to your "Stick-em Buttons".

Remove the bows to launder the garment. The loop side of the Velcro doesn't stick to everything else in the wash.

The kids will have fun with their "Stick-em Buttons!"

It just makes sense!


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